In memory of my friend Saad Ainuddin….

Losing a friend is always hard.

Particularly when you’ve known them since second grade. 

Rest in Peace. I hope you get to meet the father and brother you lost at a very young age.

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A man lives on when his name is spoken….

GNU Terry Pratchett.

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RIP Sir Terry Pratchett

When I finished all Wodehouse and then Douglas Adams, I cast around for my next binge read.

Terry Pratchett met the case, even if I started with “Snuff” – one of the weaker Discworld books.

I really hope that DEATH has amiable cat lover persona from discworld.

We will miss you.

And we will miss the world you made forus:

Unseen University
schooner Avenue
Pseudopolis Yard
Havelock “do not let me detain you” Vetinari
Sam Vimes
the Silver Horde
The Mended Drum
The High Energy Magic Building
The monks of time
Fred Colon
Nobby Nobs
The Assassins, Fools, Beggars and Alchemists Guild
Carrot ironfounderson
Rincewind the wizzard
Ponder Stibbons
granny weatherwax
Tiffany Aching
The Nac Magfeegles
UU library
Foul old Ron
71 hour Ahmed
Harry King
Moist Lipwig

And of course DEATH

We will miss you. And thanks.

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Raza Rabbani is vile

He does the decent thing for once in his life, and professes to weep copiously at the prospect.

Give me unalloyed corruption and outright authoritarianism over this flowery self-satisfied devotion to principles they neither understand nor comprehend. He wouldn’t know democracy, constitutionalism or rule of law if it was served to him on a silver platter with water cress around it.

This is the man whose idea of rule of law is to take away the vote from punjabis in Balochistan in an effort to appease the murderers who have wiped out a long lived community.

Btw, Dawn didnt publish my comment. You have to toe the pseudo-intellectuals line if you want to get published in any Pakistani English paper.

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Why “Homeland” misleads

I grew up in Islamabad.

It’s a friend of mine.

The caricature on “Homeland” is no Pakistan.

Islamabad was – and still is – green, leafy, piney, and at the base of mountains. Not a desert. No camels. And few palms.


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Another hero

Fifteen year old Aitzaz Hasas gave his life tackling a bomber trying to get into his school.

As his father said, Aitzaz’s mother wept so hundreds of others would not have to.

Rest In Peace.

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Massacre in Peshawar

Really, is there anything that can be said? When children are singled out and slaughtered, and teachers and administrators are burnt alive, there’s nothing can be said.

These children were not the “elite” – they were middle class whose parents sacrificed much in the hope of educating them for a better life.

Rest in peace.

The streets of heaven will be crowded tonight.

In memory of the children of the Army Public School, Warsak. And the many innocents who have gone before.

If there’s one glimmer of light here – because I expect the Pakistani public and politicians to forget quickly, their memories being notoriously short – it’s the outpouring of concern from good people.

Thank you for #IndiawithPakistan and #illridewithyou. Sometimes the worst tragedies also bring out our common humanity.

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