For Malala Yousafzai

Let there be no doubt: Pakistanis are proud of Malala Yousafzai. Ignore the claims that “most” are “ambivalent.” No they aren’t.

There will always be what Professor Job Thomas uses to call “the loony fringe.” But 99 percent are proud of her. Whether or not she wins the Nobel.

PS. Edhi should have won it years ago. Any process that didnt include him is a farce.

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Daily Times swoons for murderers again

At a time when the world is appalled by the behavior of Balochi terrorists in firing on relief crews, your obsession with blaming the army and security forces is befuddling. Not content with providing valuable op-Ed space to those who would destroy the nation whose fruits you enjoy, you provide favorable coverage to insurgents and whiners through insinuations and distortions. Salman Taseer, who died for Pakistan, must be turning in his grave.

Saad Gul

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Another quote courtesy Rumpole

For the sword outwears the sheath,
And the soul wears out the breast,
And the heart must pause to breathe,
And Love itself have rest.

– Byron, I believe.

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Member of the Drones

Apparently, reading fiction connects you to the community potrayed. Makes sense. I’d certainly feel like a member of the Drones, a resident of Blandings Castle, a boarder at 221B Baker Street, student at Hogwarts, resident of Lochdubh, a junior barrister squashed alongside Horace Rumpole in Equity Court.

The article doesnt discuss this, but I believe the same effect is at work with TV shows. We’re there with the Losties on the Island in “Lost”, in Dr. Martin Ellingham’s surgery in Portwenn, with Inspectors Morris and Lewis in Oxford, and with Lenny in “Law & Order”‘s Manhattan.

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Charitable Giving in Pakistan

With a ceaseless littany of bad news coming from Pakistan, it helps to remember that there are a few silver linings to the cloud.

For instance, Pakistan has one of the world’s highest rates of charitable giving. No surprise to anyone whose lived there. The average Pakistani may be poor, but is large hearted: he’ll give you the shirt off his back. The wealthy are another matter….

Here’s more from Tyler Cowen’s account of Anatol Lieven’s “Pakistan, a Hard Country.”

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Moon Akhtar RIP

Rest in Peace. You helped fill my childhood, and that of countless others, with laughter. Thank You.

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In defense of Greg Mortenson part 5

Glad to see that I’m not a voice in the wilderness crying out for Greg and the Central Asia Institute. Perhaps the biggest name to cast his lot with him is Nicholas Kristof.

Othere include bloggers in the previous comments, including Noorudin Jalal and Christopher West.

Greg we stand by you and the family.

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