The Death of Honoria Glossop….

Another delightful Rumpole reference to the Wodehouse Canon. In Rumpole and the Christmas Present, he finds himself representing the alleged killer of a professor who had supposedly blasphemed… named Honoria Glossop.

The name is sui generis. (“One of a kind” to us untutored in Latin). No reader can have any doubt that John Mortimer (QC!) is winking at us. In my experience, Mortimer and Wodehouse readers often overlap, like yours truly, but at least in the United States today, Rumpole is far better known than Bertie Wooster. While Jeeves, like Sherlock Holmes, has risen to sufficiently iconic status that his image emobodies his profession even for those who have never heard of Wodehouse.

Though Wodehouse purists would argue that this image, that of the classic English butler, is egregiously flawed. Or as Jeeves said of Nietsche, “fundamentally unsound.” Jeeves is no butler. He is a valet. The perfect gentleman’s personal gentlemen.

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