When Wodehouse Becomes Life, And The Hunter Becomes The Hunted…

Another Wodehouse scenario comes to life….

Apparently, a fox in Belarus had the same idea as Wodehouse 60 years ago.

The AP reports that hunter there was shot in the leg by a fox – a fox that he had previously shot, and was trying to finish off. The duo struggled, the fox got the better of it, and put the hunter in the hospital with a leg wound.

“The animal fiercely resisted and in the struggle accidentally pulled the trigger with its paw,” the Telegraph quoted one prosecutor as saying.

As The Master noteed in “Ring For Jeeves” (1953): “It was a confusion of ideas between him and one of the lions he was hunting in Kenya that had caused A. B. Spottsworth to make the obituary column. He thought the lion was dead, and the lion thought it wasn’t.”

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