Farce of a Qadri “trial”, and the loss of 5the Quaid’s Pakistan

So a frenzied mob, led by the same lawyers so lauded in the West in 2007 won’t even let the anti- terror judge hold the trial in the physical court of his choice. How exactly can a man who can’t move from Rawalpindi to Islamabad, roughly the distance from Rockville to Washington, be expected to preside over a fair trial in the midst of a deranged crowd of fanatics infused with bloodlust? Compared to this poor fellow, Atticus Finch had it easy.

The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudry and his enablers, the media, both in PAkistan and abroad. Aitzaz Ahsan and that lot had no issues when the lawyers were destroying public property or attacking Musharraf supporters. The rationalization appeared to be, as Voldemort would say, “for the greater good.”

When Iftikhar Chaudry returned as chief Justice of Pakistan, he let the lawyers run on rampages. His silence implicitly condoned physically attacking judges who didn’t kow-tow to his black suited supporters in the Pakistani bar. Heck, Iftikhar Chaudry went so far as to have police officers who checked these band of thugs arrested.

No surprise, the police is either unwilling or unable to check these raging mobs that are turning the Taseer murder proceedings into a tamasha (spectacle) with the world watching.

The pseudo-intellectuals so enamored of street politics have reaped what they sowed. Adhering solidly to the South Asian tradition, Pakistani politics is the realm of fists and slogans.

Ironically, the victim here, Governor Taseer, the socialist-billionaire, man of many gifts, business and intellectual, helped pave the way for this in his youth.

They removed the much reviled President Ayub, the staunch secularist who was also by far the best president Pakistan has had. Not content with his effective rule, they pined for some democratic socialistic utopia.

What they got was turning one of the developing world’s best economies into an debt- wracked nation that is under the sway of hirsute braying mobs. The road to he’ll is indeed paved with the best intentions.

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