RIP Salman Taseer

Salman Taseer’s murder is a terrible disaster for Pakistan. Reform and self-correction is impossible where fanatics annoint themselves judge, jury and executioner.

Did Thatcher say that the problem with socialism was that you even run out of other people’s money?

The analogous problem with this murderous fanaticism (there’s plenty of course, but focus on this one for the moment) is that eventually, someone else is going to find you sufficiently heretical to warrant butchering in cold blood.

A problem Europe finally dealt with in the 19th century or so, but one that Pakistan has not begun to come to grips with.

RIP Salman Taseer. Whatever your faults, you served your nation and religion far better than those who incited, condoned, celebrated, or committed your murder.

As an aside, I really wonder if he (well known as a skeptic) had some foreboding about his impending death. A last twitter post stated that he was under tremendous pressure, but he would fight the blasphemy law if he was the “last man standing.”

And in his last TV interview, the Governor, fond of quoting poetry, made a chilling quip

“Iss Shehr Key Log Zalim Bhi Hain,
Haan, Shahid Humain Bhi Marney Ka Shok Hai”

(The People Of This City Are Cruel,
But Perhaps I have A Death Wish Too)

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