Babar Sattar, the one trick pony….

I regret having to criticize Babar Sattar, Harvard Law alum and Pakistani attorney, who has always been unfailingly gracious in our personal communications.

But like other perpetual carpers like Ayaz Amir, Kamran Shafi, and Aitzaz Ahsan, he always blames the same entity. Like a broken drum, its the same tune: its always the army, the army, the army.

Today in the New York Times:


“Do we even know how much it costs taxpayers each year to make possible the office, the home, the car fleets, attendants, guest houses and other amenities that are enjoyed by the army chief or even a corps commander?” asked Babar Sattar, a lawyer who often writes about corruption.

Well, sir, I would be prepared to bet that a Corps Commander (all 9 of them) plus the Army Chief cost less than a single provincial Chief Minister… and thats before the cost of their kleptocracy is considered.

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