Zardari… Even more

So DAWN reports that zardari will visit the UK at a cost of whatever pounds, Cameron snub or no Cameron snub. The man can’t even let the Foreign Office chew out the British High Commissioner, because that midlevel civil service flunky might take offence.

Meanwhile, floods continue to ravage Pakistan, inflicting untold misery on countless people who sorely need the funds squandered to Zardari’s junket.

The fault is Pakistans. This is the man who was cheerfully and happily elected to the top post. Unlike say, Baathis Iraq, Pakistan can’t even say that this leader rose unwelcome on a volcano of violence to seize the top slot. He was happily given it by a cloth headed people.

The ISI has called off a bilateral trip. Confirming my long held view that the military and middle class are the only people left with any love for Pakistan.

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