Cameron is an unmitigated …

Not sure what to say regarding Mr. Cameron’s unpleasant, inaccurate and fundamentally misleading outburst against Pakistan. Not sure if it represents thought out policy, or the consequence of going native in India, but the writing should be on the wall for Pakistan nevertheless.

This is what a perpetual begging bowl and lack of self-respecting leaders will get you.

If you’re a citizen of the United Kingdom, write your MP. Otherwise, chalk it up to one more for the road.  It will happen again no doubt.

Who was it who wrote that there’s two nations in South Asia: One to talk to, one to talk at? Once again, nothing new under the sun.

Pity too, because I had been looking forward to a vacation in the UK soon.  Can’t go in the immediate future after this kick in the teeth. Hopefully some other day. As a Wodehouse fan, it was a trip long overdue.

Someone – the Guardian? – described Cameron’s speech as one to the Drones. I beg to differ. That kind of toadying and meanspiritedness would be wholly alien to Bertie Wooster’s Drones.

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