Nixon on his parents

I came across this speech from Nixon. It was the talk he gave his senior staff the day he was leaving the White House in disgrace. The part below (specially starred) brought tears to my eyes:

“I remember my old man. I think they would have called him sort of a little man, a common man. He didn’t consider himself that way.          You know what he was? He was a streetcar motorman first, and then he was a farmer, and then he had a lemon ranch. ****It was the poorest lemon ranch in California, I can assure you. He sold it before they found oil on it. **** And then he was a grocer. But he was a great man, because he did his job and every job counts up to the hilt, regardless to what happens.”

Then he talked about his mother.

Nobody will write a book, probably, about my mother. Well, I guess all of you would say this about your mother – my mother was a saint.

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