Lets Disenfranchize the non-Balochis we haven’t killed yet

It is highly unfortunate that the Leader of the House in the Senate is now advocating limiting the franchise in Balochistan to “native Balochis.” It is even more unfortunate that his fellow Senators, who had been falling all over themselves to appeal to Senator Sanaullah Baloch, did not challenge his assertion. Of course, this is hardly surprising since members of both houses have kept a spectacular silence on the murders of innocent Punjabis in Balochistan.

It is evident from this that Pakistani citizenship now means nothing in the face of parochial bigotry in the smaller provinces. This process of appeasement – started by the decision to unilaterally strip the Biharis of their citizenship – can only end with every Pakistani citizen confined to their home village.
The fears of the Baloch are important and should be addressed. But deciding that some Pakistani citizens are lesser than others is a course certain to lead to disaster.

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