What the media won’t tell you… but you do need to know (about Pakistan)

Since the Pakistani media is pertually in a tizzy over the latest disaster to strike the nation, some perspective might be in order. An August 2007 article by William Dalrymple might provide some badly needed context.

Remarking about how the nation’s relative prosperity strikes first time visitors, he write:

“There is far less poverty on show in Pakistan than in India, fewer beggars, and much less desperation. In many ways the infrastructure of Pakistan is much more advanced: there are better roads and airports, and more reliable electricity. Middle-class Pakistani houses are often bigger and better appointed than their equivalents in India.

Moreover, the Pakistani economy is undergoing a construction and consumer boom similar to India’s, with growth rates of 7%, and what is currently the fastest-rising stock market in Asia. You can see the effects everywhere: in new shopping centres and restaurant complexes, in the hoardings for the latest laptops and iPods, in the cranes and building sites, in the endless stores selling mobile phones: in 2003 the country had fewer than three million cellphone users; today there are almost 50 million.”

Thank you Mr. Dalrymple, for saying what few Pakistanis would say today for fear of appearing “politically incorrect.”

Saad Gul

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One Response to What the media won’t tell you… but you do need to know (about Pakistan)

  1. arshan says:

    Hi There

    I totally agree with William Dalrymple article. There is better infrastructure in Pakistan than India in many aspects. Pakistan is the world`s sixth Biggest Consumer market int he world after China, India, US, Brazil, and Indonesia.

    The percentage of persons holding mobile phones averaged with total population is far exceeding than India.

    As UNFPA report, literacy rate is also better than India. Our nuclear technology and its monitoring system is the best. unlike India`s recent events of mixing of toxic nuclear wastes in water incidents.

    The only thing is that Negative face of Pakistan is always focused very fast in world media as compared to India where there are numerous incidents of fundamentalism and racism by pressure groups.

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