Missing from the reporting…

Tibetans target Muslims. Reporting that, of course, would ruin against “the narrative” of peaceful Buddhist monks being butchered by the evil communist monolith.

Police close off Lhasa’s Muslim quarter

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080328/ap_on_re_as/china_tibetLHASA, China – Police closed off Lhasa’s Muslim quarter on Friday, two weeks after Tibetan rioters burned down the city’s mosque during the largest anti-Chinese protests in nearly two decades. if(window.yzq_d==null)window.yzq_d=new Object(); window.yzq_d[‘wBCcAULEYpE-‘]=’&U=13but6roe%2fN%3dwBCcAULEYpE-%2fC%3d635972.12368924.12752169.1442997%2fD%3dLREC%2fB%3d5131439’;

Officers blockaded streets into the area, allowing in only area residents and worshippers observing the Muslim day of prayer. A heavy security presence continued in other parts of Lhasa‘s old city as cleanup crews waded through the destruction inflicted when days of initially peaceful protests turned deadly on March 14.

It was not clear why the area was cordoned off, although rioters had targeted businesses belonging to Chinese Muslim migrants known as Hui, who control much of Lhasa’s commerce.

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