Finally, someone says, Enough Of the Conspiracy Theories….

‘Plane-before-the president’ riddle
Thursday, February 28, 2008
By Mian Saifur Rehman

Of course, the time has come for all of us to untangle the unsolved mysteries and riddles. What has perturbed me for years is yet another controversy, that of ’empowerment’. Some people with a simplistic bent are found engaged in lengthy, complex debates over this issue. The usual focus is on ’empowerment of judiciary’ and ’empowerment of people’. Visualizing the future scenario emerging out of these ’empowerments’ within the existing conditions, one can expect litigations extending beyond grandchildren’s lifetime, staying of even the simplest human wishes and capture of poor people’s lands and houses by armed guards of ’empowered’ politicians. For God’s sake, don’t dream about that empowerment. Instead, seek enlightenment. Please stop this empowerment game. We have had enough of power. It’s about time we start thinking in terms of humanity that would give power to the masses, not the politicians or some office-holders of any organ of the state. People at the grass root have suffered at the hands of empowered politicians and functionaries.

And I think we also start reviewing our talk (rather loose talk) for the sake of fashion. Some intelligent people have questioned my opinion that most of us talk for the sake of fashion (i.e without conviction). I can just quote one example to elaborate my point of view. And that is about the loose talk about suicide bombings. Prior to general election, it was stated (out of fashion) that such and such suicide attack or remote control explosion was done at the behest of agencies or the establishment or even the incumbent head of state. For what purpose? The answer usually given was for elections postponement. But in reality, the elections were not postponed inordinately.

Similarly, a large number of people talk about some sad occurrences like Lal Masjid episode and tribal insurgency without knowledge. In this area, we must abandon ‘talk for fashion’ and instead lend support to soldiers whose lives and peace of mind are at stake because they want to bring people of tribal areas at par with 90 per cent of other hapless, shackled Pakistanis obeying Pakistani laws, paying customs duties, taxes and utility bills and avoiding gun-and-drug-trafficking or harbouring of proclaimed offenders connected with arms-supplying foreigners pursuing anti-Pakistan (and of course anti-Islam agenda).

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