Mourning a Great Man

General Mushtaq Baig, a wonderful eye surgeon who operated on my grandmother, was murdered in Rawalpindi on Feb 28, along with several other innocent people. A humble man, he was well regarded even in cynical Pakistan, and loved by his patients. The loss is ours.

Some stories.

His participation in the “Peace through Medicine” initiative with his Israeli counterpart is noted here.

Suicide bomber strikes at Pindi Mall, kills army surgeon-general

By Mohammad Asghar
RAWALPINDI, Feb 25: A suicide bomber blew up an army staff car on The Mall here on Monday, killing the army’s surgeon-general, his guard, driver and three pedestrians.

Lt-Gen Mushtaq Baig, surgeon-general and director general of the army’s Medical Services, was the most senior army officer killed by the militants so far. It was also the first terrorist attack in Rawalpindi after the general election.

Eyewitnesses and officials said the suicide attacker, believed to be in his 20s, had hidden himself under a shed set up by the Nadra Swift Registration Centre on The Mall.The officials said the suicide bomber came close to the surgeon-general’s car and blew himself up when it stopped at a red-light signal on the T&T Chowk at 2.45pm. The general and his driver, Lance Nike Anwar, were killed on the spot, while guard Hawaldar Nazar died later in hospital.

A pedestrian, Ms Ghulam Sakina, and a man were also killed.general-baig-shaheed.jpg

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