Good news, for once…

Edhi is free to go

Edhi gets back his passport

By Masood Haider
NEW YORK, Jan 30: US immigration authorities have returned the passport of prominent social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi and issued a new green card.

Mr Edhi said on Wednesday that he would head home some time next week. He thanked Pakistan’s print and electronic media for highlighting his plight.

According to a Pakistan Embassy official, Mr Edhi has been advised by the US authorities to stay ‘longer’ the next time he visits the country so that his green card and American citizenship issues can be resolved.

Mr Edhi’s new green card is valid for only one year, even though normally there is a 10-year limit.

Giving an interview to Dawn after collecting his travel documents from the authorities at the JFK airport, he thanked Pakistan’s New York consulate, embassy in Washington and the Foreign Office in Islamabad for helping him out.

The US immigration authorities had confiscated Mr Edhi’s passport and green card on his arrival in New York on Jan 10, saying that the green card was obsolete and an investigation would be launched into his trust. The homeland security office had also issued a date for hearing on Feb 20.

But following the outcry over the situation in the media, the US authorities relented and handed over Mr Edhi his papers.

Mr Edhi said: “I have to settle some issues before returning to Pakistan next week”.

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