An American in Pakistan

I’ve always mantained that Pakistan is a lot safer than the media would have you believe. That’s been the opinion of every single American we’ve hosted – about 20 over the past 2 decades.

American hunter surprised by Pakistani hospitality

Urges Americans to visit Pakistan without any fear

PESHAWAR: Sam Jaksick, an American hunter, was surprised by the hospitality and cooperation extended to him by the people of Pakistan during his hunting tour here.

Talking to reporters at the office of NWFP Wildlife Department Chief Conservator Dr Mumtaz Malik after hunting a Markhor in Chitral district under the Trophy Hunting Programme, Sam said, “I was concerned due to the media reports about Pakistan, but after visiting the country, I realised that such reports depict a wrong impression about the people of this country.”

He said when he informed his family and friends that he was going to Pakistan to hunt wild sheep, they were surprised and tried to persuade him to change his plan. “However, my passion of hunting forced me to face all sorts of challenges and when I got here, I was relieved to see the hospitality and passionate behavior of the people of the area,” he said.

Visit Pakistan: Sam also urged his countrymen to visit Pakistan without any fear. “I have not seen anything here like what we have heard about the people of this country, specially NWFP,” he said. Speaking about his excursion to the rugged and hilly terrains of Chitral, Sam said he really enjoyed it but had faced some difficulties due to the extreme cold in the area.

Sam Jaksick, who lives in Reno, Nevada in the USA, said he was an experienced hunter and liked hunting Markhor in Chitral district.

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